*The sound of music *

The sound of music gives us so much emotionsand that plays a melody deep in our heart greatlyAll the sound on the earth are like musicand the music brings love and enjoyment to our lifeMusic expresses universal language of the worldand brings people together where ever they live
The music is the best gift of God to all of uswhere its fills our soul with peace and mind with creativityEvery music has its own rhythmand it's creates a great sound of music.
Music in the mountain brings peace in our heartand music in the ocean fills our soul with love.

POEM BY Ravi Sathasivam

I agree with the poem, I think music make us to feel emotions and give us the rythim to express while sing or dance. But it’s omportant to say that the silent can permit us to mind about something and of course I think that the silence has other kind of beat.

My favorite kind of music depents if i want to lisent, or to dance, or sing..por exameple If i want to dance i like all kind of music, if i want to sing i like romantic or pop but if i want to just lisent I prefer lounge.

°°°**.MY PeT**°°°

This is my pet, his name is Harry I put that name in honor to Harry Potter books…He is a Pastor Aleman (I don’t know what is the name in English, I didn’t find it)—anyway… I bought this dog to a neighbor three years ago. I take care of him since he was a puppy.

When he was puppy he bitted anything that was in front of him like a shoes, flowers, brooms and clothes that was out side and my mother wash.

Sometimes I go with him to the beach, He loves swim and walk next to me, His loyalty and very playful he likes to eat sausages.

One night during Christmas holidays tried to steal in my house but when my dog began to barking the robbers run away.
°°My Favorite Book°°

“ L A P R I S O N N I E R E ”

Malika Oufkir and Michele Fitoussi.


True story

King Hassan II: He is the King of Morocco; He is so arrogant, powerful, strict, unfair, and vengeful. He doesn’t have any compassion and only see his own interests.

General Mohamed Oufkir: He is Malika´s father, he was Ambitious. He was the right hand of the king, he worked as a minister of defence and the chief of the armed forces. Oufkir betrayed the king when he organized a coup state and attacked the royal plane. General Oufkir was executed by the soldiers.

Soukaina: She is Malika´s mother, she’s strong and cheerful person.

Malika: She is the daughter of general Mohamed Oufkir
and Soukaina but she became the adoptive daughter of the king at age 5. She was taken into the palace as a child to be a companion to the king's daughter,princess
Amina. Although she led the life of a princess during these years, she always longed to go home to her real family. She went back to her parents when she was 16.

Abdellatif: He is a brother of Malika, he was a prisoner in the desert.

Myriam: youngest sister of Malika, She was a prisoner too.
The story happened in Morocco. Malika was living in the King’s Palace in 1958 – 1969. Then she returned to her parent’s house in Villa Yasmina in 1969 – 1972. Malika Oufkir and her family were initially confined to house arrest in a castle in the south of Morocco (Tamattaght) from 1973 to 1977; then they spent a total of 10 years in prison in the Sahara desert and finally got their freedom in 1991.

Malika’s childhood was more unusual because she was adopted at the age of five by King. Malika was taken into the palace
as a child to be a companion to the king's daughter, princess
Amina. When she was living in the kingdom she felt that she was already a prisoner. Then the King allowed her to return to his home. She was living with her parents for only 2 years. General Mohamed Oufkir who was the second most important man in the kingdom, tried to assassinate King Hassan II on August 16th in 1972. The the General Oufkir was executed and died with five bullets in his body. The King sent the family to live in exile in the worst conditions, where generally no body ever returned. Malika was incarcerated with her bother, sister and mother because her father attempted coup state.

Finally the Oufkir family dug a tunnel with their bare hands and made a daring scape. Then they went to American Embassy for help. Later Malika and most of her family moved to France.

I am not going to criticize but I think that the reading showed me a different perspective of lifestyle that exists in the world. I know that there are different cultures, languages and religions and we have to respect them and not to judge them.

!°°°My JoB.°°°¡

Im going to talk about my job….Im a teacher. Im working on a primary school in Altamira tamp; This is my fist year as a teacher. The school name is “Juan Escutia”. In this moment I have 1st grade…… yes I know, they are between 6 to 7 years. At he beginning I was too nervous because I don’t have any idea how was going to teach, Im study on Saturdays another major in Education but I realized that it’s too different what I learnt in book than in the real life.

I like my students because they are very lovely and intelligent; One part of my job that I don’t really like is organize some activities that my principal make every time to get some money to the infrastructure.

On November my students participated on a festival, I put them a dance and they won the 2do place, they were so cute and they dance very very good, their mothers were very surprise because the kid could dance alone and they learnt each step.
Every day when Im going to the school is very different Not only they learn of me….I learn of them too.

Last week I went to the disco with some of my best friend, It was really fun because some of them are younger than me and their parents some times doesn’t permit them to go out. This specially occasion was Greysi’s Birthday and we went to Vintage disco after the party in her house. Her mother organize a surprise party while Montserrat and Marisol were entertaining her. As always I arrive a little bit late but the dinner and the cake were delicious….

During the Disco we didn’t have reservation so we had to sacrifice to buy a bottle of vodka..jejejeje.. so the night was better…but it good to say that we had designated driver….That was Me… don’t worry we know how to get healthy fun.

Talking about animals three months ago I went to Mc Allen and I bought a graphic T-shirt that have an emblem that says “Cut class Not frogs” I didn’t know what was the real meaning…in that moment I don’t care I only bought it because I liked the color and the frogs that is on the T’s…When I used at the first time I tried to understand the meaning but I couldn’t…two weeks later, when I used again I put in the internet the emblem only for curiosity and yes…I found some information about it…That emblem is because in USA are making a camping about the protection of animals that only kill them for make all kind of experiments. That makes me to remember when I was in high school when in my biology class we had to dissect a frog. I didn't know anything about animal rights, but one thing I’m sure that the propose of this experiment is wrong.. I can find a good reason to kill frogs and exanimate.

I love frogs they are so cute they are my favorite animal and I don’t think they should be used for disecting. GO FROGS!!!.....CUT CLASS NOT FROGS!!!!
Hi!! Let me tell you something that yesterday i watched on the T.V. that make me to change the way to think about the animal murders.

I knew that in the coast of Canada kill baby harp seals are beaten and for their fur and that happens every year. I couldn’t stop to see how they kill baby seals and for me It was a horrific event of hunt.

The Canadian seal hunt is one of the true injustices of our age. Hundreds of thousands of baby seals are kill every year. I think that they only want to satisfy the vanity of rich people that they doesn’t matters to take care of our environment.

Those kind of people who don't want to understand that we aren’t living in the primitive era where it used the fur to stay warm… Now it is only by pleasing a social status